'ZZZ' - Deep Sleep and Restoration


We are so proud of this formula and the results that hundreds, and soon to be thousands are experiencing!

In C620Nutrition ZZZ Sleep Aid, we use a perfect low dose of melatonin for its antioxidant and sleep properties but have centered the bulk of our formula around GABA, GABA precursors, and other ingredients that reduce anxiety, aid in circulation, and promote optimal natural growth hormone release. 

This formula is so different because its goal is to promote longer Delta Wave Sleep Cycles. Delta Wave sleep (or Short Wave Sleep) is when both mind and body are completely at shut down at rest and recovery is vastly enhanced as our glymphatic system begins to release toxins that have built up in our brains tissue. 

This means ZZZ isn’t just for athletes who need to recover from intense training, but it is also designed for the 75% of Americans who report being unable to achieve sufficient or quality sleep.  For the high-stress fast-paced lives we all live, we’ve also included additional ingredients that aid in reducing anxiety and creating calmness and as you ease into sleep.

Deep sleep and true rest are vital for: living your best life, burning fat, and building muscle. Without true rest, you will feel one step behind and tend to compensate with stimulants during the day. We want you rested and in deep SWS and REM sleep having dreams that give you visions for a brighter tomorrow.




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