'ZZZ' - Sleep Aid- Rest, Recovery, and REM Sleep Agent


They say no rest for the weary, but we say come all who are weary. 'ZZZ' Sleep Aid is a unique product that is focused around GABA and GABA precursors. We designed a product that uses potent antioxidant melatonin to facilitate rest and optimize circadian rhythm. To add to the melatonin base, we used a unique blend of GABA and other amino acids to calm neurotransmitters upon taking, and, during your sleep cycle. Deep sleep and true rest is vital for: living your best life, burning fat, and building muscle. Sleep is where your body heals and restores itself at an accelerated rate. Without true rest you will feel one step behind and tend to compensate with stimulants. We want you rested and in deep REM sleep having dreams that give you visions for a brighter tomorrow.


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