'PRE' - Ultimate Preworkout Pump, Focus, and Strength Formula


C620 'PRE' was designed to give you a product worthy of your investment, a  product that truly has every top-tier ingredient needed to help you progress in your muscle building and fat loss goals. C620Nutrititon is known nationwide as one of the best contest prep companies in the industry. Our founder and leader Brian Melancon has applied that same level of excellence to each of the products.

We saw a problem with the ethics and business practices in the supplement industry. The market has become a rat race to see who produces the strongest stimulant with the largest profit margin instead of a challenge of who makes the best product for the consumers. The industry has long been designing products for addiction and sales rather than efficacy and excellence.

'PRE' is the ultimate 'no crash' PUMP and FOCUS pre-workout supplement on the market. PERIOD.

Not only is the ingredient profile loaded out, it's scientifically designed and dosed to allow each ingredient to work fully. For your pump, the ingredient profile speaks for itself. PRE contains 5000mg Citrulline Malate, 4000mg HydroMax, 3000mg Creatine, 2000mg Taurine, 1500mg Beatine Anhydrous, 500mg Agmatine Sulfate, 500mg Beet Root Extract, and much more! And, that’s not even talking about the focus and fat oxidation agents!

'PRE' is complete. It is designed to make you a better athlete and wean you off insanely high stim pre-workouts that are hindering your training, and ultimately, your progress.

C620 only succeeds when you are at your BEST. It's time you choose to level up.

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**This product will have a sticky clumpy texture as seen in the pic below!**

The high doses of Citrulline and Hydromax creates clumps as its nature is to draw in moisture. Glycerol (Hydromax) role in the body is to increase the concentration of fluid in the blood and muscle tissue, positively affecting the expansion and maintenance of fluid volume in the cells, known as HYPERHYDRATION!

This is why its such a good PUMP agent !

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