'INTRA' - Performance and Endurance Intra Training Carb Formula


A simple carb powder is not good enough to bear the C620 Logo. Would a fancy label and table sugar create much larger profit margins? Absolutely. Would we be proud of it? Not a chance! When we designed the INTRA Training Carb Formula, we designed it to be used with the rest of the stack, however, we also knew there would be plenty of athletes that would use it as a stand-alone product. That’s why we decided to not make this simply be a carbohydrate product. Rather, INTRA is cluster dextrin which includes glucose disposal agents, pump products, and vasodilators. Also, our endurance blend, PEAK 02, has been clinically proven to increase endurance up to 17%. Yes, you get the purest highly branched cyclic dextrin on the market, and you also get the whole 9 yards to facilitate training sessions you can be proud of. We all know that bodybuilding and reshaping your image is a game of inches, so let INTRA be the last carb product you ever require. Time and Effort are the great equalizers – You have the time, and we will partner with you on the effort! ( Secret Code - LEVEL UP) 

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Release Date - 4/01/20!

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