'AMINOS' - Complete EAA Recovery Formula with BCAA and PEAK 02


 A truly complete amino acid formula properly assisting in protein synthesis and aiding in the battle against protein breakdown and training fatigue. New research is conclusive that the supplement industry has been behind the 8 ball in terms of what needs to be in an amino acid product. We believe BCAAs have their place in your supplement regiment, especially as Leucine is the amino acid responsible for triggering muscle protein synthesis (building new tissue). However, looking at BCAAs will only give you half of the picture. You cannot create an anabolic state with BCAAs alone. Your body requires essential amino acids to form complete proteins that repair and rebuild tissue. This formula was created to trigger muscle protein synthesis and deliver complete branch chains with essential aminos to the muscles QUICKLY during training as muscle is breaking down. In this formula, we have also included a serving of PEAK 02 which is clinically proven to increase endurance up to 17% in users. AMINO’s ultimate recovery and endurance formula coupled with the INTRA Carb and Pump Formula creates the perfect storm of absolutely everything your body needs to push through grueling training sessions without wasting time in the gym. We have covered our bases in designing this synergistic line of products. You may rest soundly in knowing you have invested in your quality of life with a company that puts excellence and integrity at the forefront of everything they do.


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Release Date - 4/01/20!

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